Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kinder Surprise Eggs Maxi - Big Kinder Egg - Video for kids

Hello! Today we will open Kinder Surprise Eggs Maxi. Big Kinder eggs are more beautiful because the toy is bigger and also we have more chocolate :). Hope you like it too and if you want to watch more videos for kids please let me know in comments and I will try to create them. More surprise eggs you will see in next videos. Subscribe to YouTube channel and to this website for notifications when there is a new post. Thank you watching!
kinder eggs, kinder maxi, kinder surprise

Friday, September 13, 2019

Animaterra 2 cards - Fantastic World - Video from Kaufland app

Hello! Now I will open a few cards from Animaterra 2 Fantastic world and also I will present you more other cards in the Kaufland app. You will see how the fantastic creatures from the cards will take life and how well are they animated. I will try to make the entire collection on Animaterra 2 and if I will succeed you will see in another video. If there will be others collections in the future, I will buy them. Hope you enjoy this video and you will subscribe to YouTube channel and also to this channel's feed. Thank you!
animaterra 2, kaufland, fantastic world, video app

Lidl Stikeez 2019 - New collection Stikeez opening

Hello! Today I will present you a few Lidl Stikeez from the new collection 2019. If you buy something from Lidl of an amount of money(depends of every country how much) or one bio product you will get one of these. I will try to make the entire collection and also I will collect all of them in the future. All kids like this Stikeez and they make changes between them so I hope that you will like it too. Please leave a comment with what do you want to watch next and I will try to create it. Thanks!
stikeez, lidl, romania, 2019