Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Firetruck toys for kids | Unboxing toy cars for children

Firetruck toys for kids. Today I'll unbox a beautiful set of car toys for children. This set is from Jumbo if you want to buy one like this. Watch this video and tell me if you like it. Thank you for watching and hope you will subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks a lot.
Firetrucks, toys for kids, video for children

Police toy cars for kids | Video for children

Unboxing of a police toy cars set. I unbox and present all this cars and also an helicopter. In the future I will present more police cars for kids so don't forget to subscribe for more. You may also browse this website and YouTube channel for more toys for children. I have a lot of toys, kinder surprise eggs and much more. Thank you for watching.
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Monday, March 30, 2020

2 Kinder surprise eggs opening - Toys for kids video

Kinder surprise eggs opening! Today I’ll open 2 surprise eggs and hope there will be beautiful toys. I also like a lot the chocolate from Kinder. Don’t forget to support me with a subscribe on my youtube channel and I will post more surprise eggs videos and also toys unboxing. Thank you for watching.
kinder eggs, surprise eggs, kinder opening